A quick reminder to remember our furry little ones during the Holiday season. Many of the decorations and foods that make the holidays so special and pleasing are can also be harmful to our pets. Fret not, because with some precaution you and your pet can have a happy and safe holiday season.

Here a few ways to make this special season safe for your dog or cat.

  1. While you are putting up your tree take time to securely anchor it. A falling tree can injure your dog and having a wobbly tree around a cat(s) is just asking for it. By the way, if anyone has found a way to keep your cat(s) out of your Xmas tree, please leave a comment below.

  2. While you are securing your tree, remember to go sparingly on the tinsel. Or don't use any at all. Cats and dogs love it, but if ingested it can lead to an obstructed bowl. Not a fun way for you or your pet to enjoy your holiday.

  3. Not to pick on Xmas trees too much, but if you like a real tree, be sure to use a skirt to keep your pets from drinking the water. Many times it contains preservatives that will make Fido sick. Also it will make your tree dry and potentially a fire hazard.

  4. Many of you know chocolate can be bad for dogs. But the artificial sweetener xylitol has been deadly to dogs in recent years. It's hard to know exactly what foods might contain it, so be careful that sweets aren't where your pet can reach them.

  5. Quite a few plants associated with the holidays can make your cat or dog sick. Some are lethal in somewhat smaller doses. Holly, when it's ingested by your pet can cause diarrhea and nausea. Mistletoe can effect tummies and cause cardiovascular problems. Many varieties of lilies cause kidney failure in cats if eaten. This is just a few of the plants harmful to household pets. Take the time to look up every plant you have or better yet opt for artificial plants for decoration.

  6. Throwing a party? Remember to keep alcoholic beverages out of the way of your pet. Consuming alcohol can cause a pet to go into respiratory failure.

  7. It takes electricity to power most of the holiday cheer and that means extension cords and batteries. Extension cords are like magnets to cats and dogs who want to chew the soft plastic. So take a little extra care and keep them out of sight and reach. Make sure not to leave any batteries around for your pet to find.

One last thing to remember. Happy Holidays from South Coast Humane Society. We hope you and your pets all the best.

AuthorJudy Pfaendler