Sigmund a handsome Tabby boy arrived at the shelter last year in November. He came in as a stray and his estimated age is around 12 years old. All of the elderly animals that we take in always have a special place in my heart. I will never understand why when animals get older that people abandon them. They give us the best years of their lives and when it becomes hard to take care of them some people just don't want to "deal with it". After all of that loyalty some people just can't be bothered. I am glad that we have a wonderful staff and terrific volunteers to give extra attention to these elderly animals that come in. Sigmund is a perfect example of an abandoned animal that just needs a home to retire into. He would be happy with just a simple lap to sit in and someone to care for him in the end. We are looking for a home for this wonderful boy. He still has lots of love to give and deserves to have someone of his own for his last years. Please help us find him his forever person.



AuthorJudy Pfaendler